In 2019/2020, I started my small business with the goal of providing amazing products with a focus on health and safety. From that day forward I have stopped at nothing to create the most original, natural, safe, and great smelling candles and skincare products that I could.I only use reputable retailers/wholesalers for the ordering of my waxes, butters, oils, fragrances, and dyes that have the same strong beliefs in safety and obtaining ethically sourced ingredients that I do. I strongly believe in recycling and am trying to be as eco-friendly as I can including using reusable candle vessels, degradable packing peanuts, and recyclable packaging.My goal is to have your daily self-care rituals to be as luxurious and guilt-free as possible. 


In 2019/2020, Serene Awakening became a brand. My first small business idea and goals were created. I wasn’t thrilled with the name, but it was something to start off with. I came up with the name one day while driving home from work, after losing my job due to covid related reasons. I thought, “what can I do from home, that I would enjoy doing and maybe explore my creative side.” Well, for whatever reason I thought of candle making and thought that it would be a peaceful and easy new beginning, hence the name Serene Awakening. Well let me tell you, it has been anything but peaceful. Months of testing candles to get wicking right. Lots of money I didn’t have to buy materials and spend making mistakes trying to get it all right. To top it off, I got a lot of hate about the name and logo. No one knew what exactly it was, and thought it was either a new yoga thing, or a feminine product line. Which the feminine product line wasn’t too far off, but still not what I was going for. I started selling in person, and even those who bought items would ask me how to spell the name of my company so they could look me up on the web. They also complained it was too long and I could see frustration in their faces when they were trying to make a purchase and had to find it on Venmo. A lot of my friends complained to me as well, that my logo of a lotus was confusing. So.. wrapping this long winded story up. I decided to re-brand with something much simpler and shorter to spell, and easier to remember. Something that gives me more creative freedom in my designs and allows me to market to a wider range of customers.  Most importantly, something that caters to both my wicked inner side, and my “normal” outside persona. Something that says you don’t have to be all one thing or another, you can be both. You can be more than what the world makes you feel like you have to define yourself as, and with that, Wicked Classy was born.