Hey Everyone!

So I was totally excited, and definately nervous, when I got an email from AllStickerPrinting asking me if I would write a review for a sticker company. At first I thought it was a scam, afterall, why would a company want a small business like mine to review them.


After googling the company, I decided to take a leap of faith and try it. I am glad I did! The representative that helped me set up my order was very patient, and emailed me back very promptly. They waited until I had designed a sticker that I liked, and man am I picky. I finally designed my own "please leave a review" stickers to attach to my orders in hopes of increasing my reviews. 

The shipping was insanely quick once they approved my order. When I received them I was a little disappointed that they are on the smaller side. I ordered 1.5" round vinyl stickers, and for some reason I thought 1.5" was bigger in my head lol. However, for being so small, the graphics on them are still crystal clear and the cursive writing is legible. Which, if you ever tried to print your own stickers/labels at home, you would know getting small font, especially cursive, to print legibly is almost impossible. The top two stickers did smear and I was very concerned at first, but all the other stickers seam to be unaffected. I even purposely tried to smear the rest with various liquids and was unable. All in all, I am pleased and I would order from them again. Just in a bigger size lol.