This is my first Pattern blog and to be honest, I'm not quite sure who will see this or how it works exactly. I just wanted to say hello and if you've looked at my shop and are reading this I would also like to say THANK YOU. 

By supporting a small business you aren't supporting some multi-millionaire CEO who doens't even know you exist, you're supporting a regular person just liek you and their dream. Guess what? They also notice you and appreciate you. Every sale counts. 

I am currently working on my inventory and you can expect lots of things to come. I am working on more fragrances for my candles and wax melts, different size ans styles of candles, and even a skin care line. I even have an offical re-brand in mind once I get my business fully operational.

Until then, a huge thank you to anyone who supports me through my struggle. Your helping me get one step closer to making my dreams come true. 


What's In A Name

A little back story to how I started Serene Awakening, for those who don't know. I started it as a necessary job after losing mine due to pandemic related issues. I needed a way to support my family, and candles was the first thing that popped into my head one day while driving. It was like an epiphany, but Epihany Candles was already taken lol. I never knew how toxic my job was, or how much it was negatively influencing my life until I was forced to step away from it. After the fear and anger of losing my job, a wave of serenity came over me. It was my "Serene Awakening" and thats how my small business got it's name.