Hello & Merry Meet! 
I guess your on this page because you're wondering a little bit about who's behind Wicked Classy, formerly Serene Awakening? Well, I guess I will start off by introducing myself. My name is Breann and I am a woman, and identify with she/her pronouns. I am a mother to a wonderful girl, and two fur babies. Both of my pups are rescues from EHR. I love animals, nature, and above all else, my family. I have been an EMT for six, going on seven years, and wanted a change. I decided to start selling candles one day while I was driving home from work. The idea just popped into my head, like an epiphany. I thought it would be easy too, boy was I wrong! It definitely isn't easy, but I find it to be so rewarding and worthwhile.

I am still in the process of starting up, however, patience is not one of my virtues and I could not wait to share some things with you! 

As of right now I am selling coconut wax melts, and my own blend of bees/coconut wax melts. My beeswax is ethically sourced and renewable. It's also a healthier alternative to current paraffin wax blends on the market. Soon I will have candles to sell as well! I am thinking of using multiple wax types that way I will have something for everyone. After all, my vision for my brand is to be all inclusive and have something for everyone. I will have soy and coconut for my vegan friends, my own blend of beeswax, and a paraffin blend for those who don't mind paraffin and want a scent throw that's out of this world! 

I can't wait to share more products with you soon! Please be patient and kind while we go through this journey together!

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